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Together, we can accelerate and advance a holistic, human-centred and experience-driven economy

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Welcome to the SpaceHEX Podcast. Thank you for joining us! 


Our podcast session usually lasts for around 30-40 minutes. Our questions relate to your work, company, background, or expertise. Informal and friendly, we aim to provide insights, guidance, and advice to our audience on how they can develop companies that deliver exceptional business, brand, and human outcomes. 


We explore and cover topics connected to the holistic, human-centred and experience-driven economy. Our primary lens is the Holistic Employee Experience (HEX), which helps us to focus on the things that really matter within and beyond work. The Truth is at the centre of our work and the centre of the HEX. It's made up of a powerful combination of purpose, mission, and values. 


Welcome and enjoy the experience! 

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SpaceHEX is currently available on Spotify, Google Podcasts, Radio Public, Apple Podcasts, Breaker, and Anchor FM.

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SpaceHEX is hosted by Ben Whitter, Author, Employee Experience & Founder, HEX Organization & WEEI

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"Ben Whitter presents a compelling case for why Employee Experience should be a top priority for any organization as we reimagine the important role of work; as humans, organizations, and society as a whole." 


"Navigating the complexities of employee experience has become the biggest differentiator of great workplaces. At last, a book that gives us the routemap."


"I see Ben as one of the global thought leaders within employee experience. Not only does he have the theoretical knowledge, but he's been practicing what he speaks. His talks are always enlightening and his articles are often thought provoking, and well thought through."


"I attended Europe’s first employee experience conference in London, which Ben chaired and co-designed; it was the best HR event I have ever attended. Working with Ben has convinced me that we are on the cusp of big changes in the way we deliver this experience for our employees – this is not just for HR to deliver but for leaders across the business."

“One of the World’s leading figures within employee experience is Ben Whitter. His compelling thought leadership, commentary and advocacy for employee experience is provoking the right conversations among HR executives right now. If you get the opportunity to attend one of Ben's events in person, take it. "


"Ben is at the forefront globally of shaping a new HR and workplace agenda. If you want to get ahead with the employee experience within your business, call Ben.

"An influential global voice in HR. A compelling vision for employee experience and how it can increase value and drive business performance and differentiation."


"Employee experience is not a project, it’s a never-ending journey – one which can make your company, your team, and your people more energized than ever. Thank you Ben for pushing this space forward, it’s one of the most important investments organizations can make in the years ahead."


"Ben has woven multiple strands of treating employees well into an integrated employee experience agenda.  His work is comprehensive, insightful, and pragmatic and will help any business or HR leader make real progress."

"In Employee Experience, his definitive manifesto, he makes a persuasive case for why the top-down model of HR-led engagement initiatives is flawed. Employee Experience offers a vision of a meaningful and impactful future both for HR and the next generation of employees. Consistently well-informed and refreshingly global."

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