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The programme has been an absolute revelation.The course deeply examines the key considerations necessary to achieve EX greatness, focusing on the areas that truly matter to employees.

Becoming an ‘Experience Architect’: A Review of the Certified HEX Practitioner Programme 


From running a team that generated $1 billion in revenues to leading customer experience functions around the world, Robert Pender has discovered that if you want to win in business, you really do need to start with your employees. In this article, Robert examines his recent participation on our Certified Holistic Employee Experience (HEX) programme. Robert found that the combination of content, coaching, and collaboration was the right approach to accelerate his development into the field of employee experience. 


By Robert Pender


We’re witnessing a significant shift in how businesses function and compete. The adoption of human first approaches are becoming ever more prevalent and the World Employee Experience Institute (WEEI) is at the forefront of this change.


The Certified HEX Practitioner course run by Ben Whitter and WEEI is a must for any business leader seeking to broaden their EX knowledge. Ben’s approach to EX is underpinned by his many years of global research and his passion for championing a holistic business approach. He tangibly demonstrates how organisations flourish when they embark upon EX programs.


The course deeply examines the key considerations necessary to achieve EX greatness, focusing on the areas that truly matter to employees. This ensures that they’re connected to a meaningful purpose and empowers them to do their very best work.


The programme also presents many current case studies of organisations who have fully developed EX initiatives, and explained how they’d put the foundations in place and overcome any challenges.


Our lessons were great fun, packed with valuable learnings and the assignments gave me a free rein to explore the world of employee experience.


To be a successful human-centred leader and employee experience practitioner, we need a clear vision of our own purpose, mission, and values. The self-analysis we conducted together has totally realigned many of my personal and professional objectives, and was a totally unexpected, welcome takeaway.


Working with Ben was an absolute pleasure. The programme has been an absolute revelation. I’d urge anyone with an interest in human driven experiences to reach out to WEEI. It will truly change your perspective on your own version of “The Truth”.​





Interested in joining the programme? Available digitally worldwide, we are welcoming colleagues from across the globe onto the next programme. 


Serious about your development as a modern, experience-driven, and human-centred leader? 


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