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wholeheartedly recommend the HEX course to any HR professional. I truly believe this is the future of the HR profession

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Review of the Certified HEX Practitioner Programme 

The future of HR is generating constant debate, but there is no doubt that for businesses to thrive in the next decade they will urgently need to become more purposeful, experience-driven and human-centred. Eleni Aslani, a seasoned HR leader, shares her experience of taking part in our Certified Holistic Employee Experience (HEX) programme, which she believes is lighting a new path for HR professionals at any level of their careers. 


The focus on the holistic experience of work is supporting professionals to explore and advance their work in a new and powerful way.  "In fact, if you have many years of experience at a senior level, it's going to be even more interesting and impactful for you because it provokes you to question your current beliefs and shatter common stereotypes," said Eleni. 

Overcoming a common challenge in HR

Reflecting on the incredible growth of the EX field, Eleni believes there is something missing in the way the concept is approached in business and HR. "I think we are now witnessing the concept of EX grow all around the world. It is just presented in different forms. I'm reading a lot of articles concerning future workforce, future leadership models, strategic thinking of future HR, HR in a Digital world etc. and attending various HR related seminars and workshops with different titles. The common thing I observe is that all of the programmes/materials regarding the future of HR deal with the EX concept as separate parts. They never connect the whole." 

Eleni recognised that this is a common challenge for HR professionals. "I must admit that during my career in HR, I always tried to apply separate concepts of EX without realizing it can be holistic."

Why did Eleni choose to become an HEX Practitioner?


"HR is going through a serious transformation in recent years thanks to the furious pace of change with technology starting to dominate our lives. Hopefully, all of the routine administrative job duties of HR will vanish and this will create a great opportunity. We, as HR professionals, will finally have the time and space to deal with what we were meant to be focused on in the first place- supporting humans to thrive within our organisations," said Eleni. 

The course, Eleni continued, "helps me to explore new horizons and organize my previous knowledge and ideas regarding EX into a structured system. This puts all of the pieces of the puzzle together, which results in a complete picture with a clear pathway of how to create a positive HEX. A key benefit of this approach is that we effectively serve our organisations by focusing on the HUMAN aspect of HR above all else." 

A unique development experience

There are many unique features of our immersive and rare online programme. It is delivered through content, coaching, and collaboration with practical assignments designed to challenge thinking, and accelerate real-world outcomes.  Participants also learn from guest talks, work in small and highly interactive HEX Groups, and have options to play a role in thought leadership projects and become global mentors to the next generation of business leader. Through insight and inspiration, the programme unlocks ideas and potential that leads to real changes being applied immediately as colleagues help engineer exceptional business and human results. 

The HEX Groups are certainly creating a buzz amongst our colleagues. As one of the key features of our programme, participants have the opportunity to work closely with our founder, Ben Whitter, as Eleni discussed. "Being a practitioner with a solid background himself, Ben uses the Socratic method for our sessions, where we can question any theory and applied practice, and outcomes can not always be predicted. Ben does not play a role of a professor who teaches the prepared material to his students. He is a mentor to any level of HR professional. During the online sessions with Ben, we all, being practicing professionals ourselves, share our experiences and ideas, enrich our knowledge and develop our critical thinking." 


On her reason for joining the programme, Eleni is in no doubt about what differentiates our HEX model from the rest. "I am so glad to be a part of the programme, which is thoughtfully structured and organized to help me form a very clear and complete understanding of the role of HEX in organisations and the way to build it efficiently. Besides, this programme not only provides lots of food for thought to enhance our critical thinking during the HEX sessions but also encourages self exploration and self development. For example, in order to complete the assignments I had to revise philosophy, learn some things from positive psychology and NLP. It requires time and energy but it is worth every minute."


"I would wholeheartedly recommend the HEX course to any HR professional," concluded Eleni. The future of the HR profession is high praise indeed and we are delighted to be working with colleagues like Eleni who are leading this powerful and human-centred workplace transformation around the world. 



Interested in joining the programme? Available digitally worldwide, we are welcoming colleagues from across the globe onto the next programme. 


Serious about your development as a modern, experience-driven, and human-centred leader? 


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