Our Founder, Ben Whitter, is the author of Employee Experience, which made its debut as the #1 new HR book in the USA and is an international bestseller. Ben has pioneered and popularised the concept of EX worldwide. He is the creator of the Holistic Employee Experience (HEX) model, which is being used and referenced by the World's leading brands as a way to differentiate and deliver exceptional business, brand, and human outcomes. 


Reaching over 18 million colleagues through his writing, research and speaking, Ben is frequently recognised as one of the World's leading figures in EX. His work has been featured by The Economist, The Times, The Financial Times, Forbes, HR Director, People Management, Thomson Reuters and many HR publications worldwide. Ben is often invited to work with leading media companies and journalists to promote the field of employee experience. 

Ben is a prolific international keynote speaker and has spoken in over 20 countries. Ben is frequently invited to speak at major industry events and delivers masterclasses on EX worldwide. 

Join us at the leading-edge of the employee and human experience movement


Pioneers & Global Thought Leaders in EX

As part of a multi-year study into the foundational elements of EX, WEEI began life as a research project in Shanghai. We have now shared our findings globally and introduced the EX concept to millions of people through prestigious publications and lectures. 


Since 2018, we have been based out of the UK and our extensive real-world research culminated in the creation of our original Holistic Employee Experience (HEX) model, which was popularised in the 2019 book, Employee Experience, and by The Times. The HEX underpins our work, approach and business philosophy, and evolved our work into the HEX Organization brand. WEEI continues to serve as our thought leadership centre. 

Supporting Your Career & Impact with HEX Worldwide 

HEX Organization exists to help you build the knowledge, skills, and advanced capabilities that are urgently required for the modern human-centred professional & brand leader. Leveraging our world-leading thought leadership, we only accredit the very best people professionals who practice EX holistically. 

Original, Unique, and EX purists 

We are a small, collaborative, and fully independent company that has used the teachings of the HEX to have an outsized impact in the world. Our brand is acknowledged as a world-leader in the EX movement since day one. Our work within EX is known and respected globally. We have used our pioneering work to inspire people into the discipline of EX to support them in delivering exceptional business, brand, and human outcomes. 

Our clients and HEX Practitioners come from fortune 500 companies, major league baseball teams, multi-national corporations, high growth companies, HR/management consultancies, HR bodies and associations, and not-for-profit enterprises worldwide. 

Welcome, and enjoy the experience. 

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