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HEX Workshop 

Our ground-breaking ideas have helped transform countless support functions worldwide. Now, we can help you too. Our exclusive 1 or half-day in-house and digitally-delivered group coaching session is designed to kick-off or accelerate your transformation into a modern human experience team & organization

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Businesses are moving fast to transform and modernize their HR teams and support functions. Don't get left behind!

  • Leverage our immersive coaching experience and world-leading research to help you develop your team's capabilities, knowledge, and skills

  • Supporting you to build a holistic, human-centred, and experience-driven organization 

We'll accelerate your progress and guide you towards the forefront of the human experience movement, quickly. 

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Executive teams: HR, People, Communications, EX, CX, IT, Digital, Corporate Real Estate, Facilities and Infrastructure, Corporate Travel, Finance, and any other support function that impacts and affects the quality of the employee experience 

Virtual Delivery:


1-day or half-day sessions are available for internal teams