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Major Employee Experience Trends for 2021: People, Planet, and Performance

We've arrived here in the most unexpected of ways. An increasingly digital, human-centred and experience-driven economy was being built before the pandemic, and its progress has accelerated at a speed and scale that no-one, and I mean no-one, could have predicted. But what now for organizations and workforces? Where are the next set of business and HR priorities leading us? How can we get out ahead and co-create the future of work?

Well, if you enjoy a good mission, then this challenging period of time for everyone has created one that many of us can get behind; the creation and transformation of companies into organizations that progress humanity, society, and the planet. Serving not one or the other, but all of those of important stakeholders. Indeed, the most enlightened of businesses deliver truly high performance when they consider and make a positive impact holistically and across all their stakeholder groups. It's a point I made in a recent webinar appearance and a subsequent e-book on 2021 HR trends with Perkbox - you can access the webinar here.

In our research and work with clients and colleagues, we've identified several major themes that are driving conversations that matter at executive level right now. Those conversations quickly turn to action as companies set their objectives for the coming months, quarters, and years. What's changed in the past year? Well, everything and nothing. To those at the vanguard of human and employee experience, they have adapted, responded and pivoted their business models in ways that work for their people. Business as usual, you could say. They've been listening and learning in real-time,