HEX Webinars

Webinars that bring the Holistic Employee Experience (HEX) to your company and audience

"Everyone seems to be running webinars at the moment. Some are a bit hit and miss, but yesterday's was brilliant."

HEX Webinars


Whether a 'live' or pre-recorded session, our exclusive webinars provide a unique experience that will inspire your audiences to cultivate a human-centric and experience-driven mindset that helps deliver exceptional business and human outcomes.

Webinars designed to inspire people into the new world of work 

We cover topics relating directly to the Holistic Employee Experience (HEX) including:


  • Human-centred companies and professionals

  • Leadership and the employee experience 

  • Structuring employee experience effectively into your business

  • Technology and the employee experience 

  • Installing the Truth into your company: developing purposeful, mission-driven, and values-based professionals and organizations  

  • Workplace; the spaces and places that enable our best work

  • Community; creating a company where people belong 

  • Hacked HR: a new operating model for all support services 

  • COVID-19: leading the recovery through the employee experience 

Our audiences 

We deliver high-impact webinars for the world's leading brands, event producers, HR technology providers, CEO networks, media, vendors, HR communities, Universities, and consulting firms. 


"A combination of insight, humour, and challenge is proving to be a powerful recipe to get people inspired about the 'experience' of work.  More than anything, our webinars will help your audiences connect the dots, build understanding, and get quickly into the optimum mindset for employee experience success." 

Ben Whitter, Founder & Author, WEEI

Inspired by the acclaimed and best-selling book,

Employee Experience. Featuring the HEX, which was covered by The Times

"Everyone seems to be running webinars at the moment. Some are a bit hit and miss, but yesterday's was brilliant.


Hosted by the VMAGROUP, a large number of IC practitioners were treated to a presentation by Ben Whitter. Recognised by many as one of the world's leading authorities on employee experience, Ben focused on why getting this right is so important, now more than ever. Evidence clearly shows that those businesses who put employee experience at the heart of everything they do, tend to be performing better. 88% of senior leaders believe that their employee experience directly affects the business' bottom line.


In these difficult times, with anxiety levels creeping up, 'People need the human touch'. A great session. Plenty of excellent advice and take aways. (Oh, and he's a best-selling author too. Adding this to the reading list.)"


Huw, Client Engagement Director & Webinar Attendee

April 2020

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