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HEX Coaching

High-impact, on-demand coaching to develop powerful  'experience' mindsets, strategies, and teams 

HEX Coaching is designed for companies and teams aspiring to achieve world-class standards in employee and human experience. Our audiences are usually progressive C-suite teams, EX, HR, culture and people teams, and founder teams. 


  • Informed by our work, thinking, and intelligence on employee and human experience, we keep you ahead of the pack in experience innovation & the latest trends bringing CX & EX together through the HEX

  • High-level, strategic and holistic executive and group coaching where we discuss, and in some cases, directly help you to shape the experiences within and beyond your organization for maximum impact

  • A confidential and high trust environment to share, learn, reflect, and challenge thinking to deliver a bigger and better human and business results 

  • Our coaching practice is led and overseen by Ben Whitter, who has inspired millions of business leaders and thousands of brands to fundamentally alter their approach to developing a positive 'experience' of work. 


Many vendors working on EX have pivoted from old business models and approaches. It shows. This is why we run our own certification programmes within a discipline we helped to create and lead globally.   


This is a rare and exclusive opportunity designed for busy executives and leaders who crave high-quality dialogue, straightforward guidance, and who wish to directly benefit from our extensive and pioneering global thought leadership on the 'experience' of work. 

1-2 hour Session

Team Meetings

Short Briefings

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