Human Experience (HEX) Organizations deliver exceptional business and human outcomes.  Human-centred and experience-driven, they live their Truth every day. 

  • HEX Organizations differentiate themselves based on the way they work with their employees, workers, customers, suppliers, and their communities. They make a positive difference in the world. They are a positive force for humanity.

  • HEX Organizations lead a holistic and human-centred approach to doing business. They live their Truth (purpose, mission, values) in the good times and the not so good times. 

  • HEX Organizations innovate, experiment, and are a bold in their approach to delivering a positive human experience in and beyond work. 

  • HEX Organizations are obsessed about the brand and human experience. Their workforces and consumers are their biggest fans. They are amongst the most trusted and admired brands in the world. 


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The Certification Experience - What You Get

  • Real-time assessment and progress. Through the assessment process, we support your development by identifying any experience gaps, which you can develop immediately to improve your strategy, projects, and programmes. 

  • A committed community. You join a dedicated community of companies advancing a holistic and human-centred experience of work. Our HEX Assessors help you to successfully evidence your impact against our HEX standard. 

  • Share your Truth. Amplify your brand through the power of your purpose, mission, and values. Our evidence gathering focuses minds on the major elements of the employee and human experience and how it connects to the most important aspects of your business. 

  • Recognition. Become acknowledged and certified as a company at the leading-edge and at the forefront of experience economy, and the world of work. Validate and harness your progress to date to support your certification experience. 

  • Join our community. HEX Organizations benefit from a close connection to our work, research and close-knit community of HEX Practitioners and fellow HEX Organizations


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HEX Organizations can be found in every sector and industry. 

"Based on our research, HEX Organizations are rightly admired and respected for their human-centred, experience-driven approach to business. They stand for something more than profit, and they take the human and employee experience very seriously within their business model and long-term strategies. It shows in their business outcomes. They do things differently and inspire the world with the experiences they co-create with their people. 

- Ben Whitter, Founder & Author


HEX Organization, as a company and concept, was developed and inspired by our global community of certified HEX Practitioners. They are exceptional leaders from all walks of life. Their holistic and human-centred approach sets them apart within their professions and companies. They are differentiated leaders at the forefront of the 21st century purpose, people, and experience-driven economy.  

Certification Overview 

Step One:     Introduction & 'Return on Experience' Briefing


Step Two:     Evidence gathering


Step Three:   Submission of evidence  

                       Interim HEX assessment (Virtual calls)


Step Four:     Feedback session - identification of strengths & experience gaps


Step Five:      Final review & full assessment 


Step Six:        Certification

Month One

Month Two

Month Three

Small Business

& Start-Ups

Medium Business

Large Business


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